Trafford Parsons

I embarked on my artistic journey as a punk rocker, playing in bands, painting posters, printing T-shirts, embracing street fashion through reconstruction and deconstruction. My music taste expanded to jazz, funk, disco  and now a full time artist. The Work is all driven by ideas, stories, people that inspire.

Sometimes pictures that allude to films that have never been made or that I wants to make, playing with the elements of a story yet to be written. We enter his world of wonder and mischief. The art asks “what if”, we the viewer get to join into this idea.
I love to exhibit in galleries, but not exclusively  - i also paint large street art murals in Manchester, London, Liverpool
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I Graduated Fine Art Goldsmiths University London 2003

While at Goldsmiths I discovered the Pop art aesthetic, the ideas that guide my work making sculptures ,painting ,printing, films , collaborating with performers

” Out of all the stuff i made the printing stood out , i love the individual yet industrial process "

I worked with Pictures On Walls (Banksy), and was part of the Santa’s Ghetto show in 2006. This was the start of seeing my work all over the world, first with the Affordable Art Fair and then independent galleries that share my love of satire and fun.
I am part of the generation of artists that see no strict limit to what is a gallery/art space : Big Walls, shop shutters, hi-fi shops, furniture stores, hotels, offices, night clubs , student unions, concert halls.
i'm always up to mischief / art – with street art murals inside buildings or out and about - making things , painting things, printing stuff.

i painted Clint Eastwood on the outside of a friends tattoo studio in the wild west of Manchester – Swinton . "The idea was fun – once i get an idea the work makes itself “
I am drawn to the Absurd or Surreal, a giant octopus attaching Westminster or Godzilla as a symbol of savage nature. In the natural world display has a function to attract, repel , to warn or seduce : in the human context thats the job of art .

Making art is my passion 

“As a boy I must have been bitten by radio active spiders from space equipped with a venom that enhanced the playful, creative artistic side of my brain and atrophied the logical conformist side..”



"There is no difference between high art or advertising, Galleries, books, magazines, street art' music, film, fashion, all enrich our soul and make us think...''

I am very very dyslexic which over the years has gifted me with a unique view of the world, working things out by observation rather than reading the instructions .  



Now we need a word to describe the way all these things are one art practice, from my studies into the murky mythology of art theory I would be happy as a pop post modern situationist . I call my style "Disco Beatnic" and out of this discussion  a small number of like minded artists fell on the word 'Beautalist'  .  More art, more mischief .