"Marilyn Medusa" studio proof 8

Trafford Parsons

"Marilyn Medusa" studio proof 8

通常価格 £240.00 販売価格 £100.00
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Hand Finished Silkscreen Print print.

blue snakes, gold background  don't look into her eyes .

60cm X 60cm on 300g cartridge paper 

These prints are all hand pulled silk screen prints so each one has its own individual eccentricities that are intrinsic to this process.

This image developed from a big painting 8 x 10 meters - that was over the entrance to Sunbridgewells Bradford and incorporated Andy Warhols famous pop art Marilyn with a giant octopus inspired by Spectre the villains in James bond stories, the idea of an artist lair. This image takes the next step of making Marilyn the Medusa of myth.

 All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days.