“Rebel Rebel” Leia - slight second

Trafford Parsons

“Rebel Rebel” Leia - slight second

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“Rebel Rebel” Leia – fan art style.
Hand Finished Silkscreen Print print on 300g paper.


What makes this a second?
Not much really. These look great, just the printing may not be as on point to sell for £260 . Therefore are sold as slight seconds.
I tend to print more than I need and then choose what gets in.

60cm X 60cm 
Hand printed silk screen print on cartridge paper.

Trafford Parsons' print "Rebel Rebel" is a striking fusion of two iconic figures from vastly different but equally influential realms of pop culture: Princess Leia from "Star Wars" and David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane persona. This artwork beautifully marries the rebellious spirit and pioneering nature of both icons, creating a piece that resonates on multiple levels. At first glance, "Rebel Rebel" captures attention with its bold imagery. Princess Leia, portrayed in her distinctive buns, is instantly recognisable. However, Trafford adds an unexpected twist by incorporating Bowie’s signature lightning bolt makeup from his Aladdin Sane album cover. This combination not only highlights the visual similarities between these two space icons but also underscores their cultural significance and shared themes of rebellion and resistance. Trafford's choice of subjects is particularly poignant. Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, is a symbol of strength, leadership, and defiance against tyranny. Her character in "Star Wars" breaks away from the traditional damsel in distress trope, instead embodying a fearless leader who fights for freedom. Similarly, David Bowie, with his avant-garde music and personas, including Aladdin Sane, pushed the boundaries of conventionality. Bowie’s lightning bolt makeup represents his boldness and willingness to challenge societal norms, much like Leia’s role in the fight against the Empire. In "Rebel Rebel," the lightning bolt across Leia’s face does more than just blend two images; it merges their legacies of defiance and transformation. The print suggests a narrative where the strength of a princess meets the audacity of a rock star. It’s a tribute to the idea that rebellion and resistance can come in many forms, whether through music, film, or personal courage. The execution of the print is masterful. Trafford's attention to detail ensures that both Leia’s serene yet determined expression and Bowie’s dramatic flair are preserved. The contrast of the stark black and white of the Leia image against the vibrant red and blue of the lightning bolt creates a visual dynamism that draws the viewer in. The blending of these two distinct styles showcases Trafford's skill in creating a cohesive yet complex image. "Rebel Rebel" also speaks to the enduring influence of both Bowie and Leia. Despite originating from different galaxies of entertainment, both figures have left indelible marks on popular culture. Bowie’s music and personas continue to inspire new generations of artists, while Leia’s legacy as a powerful female character endures in the ever-expanding "Star Wars" universe. By combining these two icons, Trafford Parsons not only honours their contributions but also invites viewers to reflect on the broader themes of resistance, identity, and the power of art to challenge the status quo. "Rebel Rebel" is a celebration of two rebels who, in their own ways, taught us to reach for the stars and dare to be different. This print, like the figures it portrays, stands as a beacon of inspiration and a reminder of the transformative power of rebellion.

 first up loaded this print on the website on 8th of January 2015 when these two heroes, Bowie and Carrie Fisher where still with us.

The prints are all hand pulled silk screen prints with spray painted details so each one has its own individual eccentricities that are intrinsic to this process.

All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days.