Art that grows from things that inspire us. Music, Ideas, Films, People. Some images tell a story that could be a  film poster or something we wish could happen. Images made with funky materials, diamond dust, hand made paper, fluorescent paint or gold leaf, adapting photos, paints, silk screens to create something new/ interesting. I get taken over by the process... For instance the very pink 'Blowfelds Cat" print developed from printing a big full colour 4 screen hand screen print on aluminium sheet, I knew I wanted a this cool kitsch image of Blowfields cat the villain from 60's Bond films, that could hang in his lair ...  just using the one screen in a fluorescent pink I was blown away, it wasn't what i set out to do it was better. What you see in the art is the end product from my joy in the ideas materials and process of making, I do try to print perfectly registered or paint without drips and clean lines but if things go in there own direction i tend to enjoy the result with the same relish. 


Trafford Parsons

A bit about me

Where did all this start, a Bowie fan obsessed with new wave music /punk rock, working as a roadie, playing in bands, promoting night clubs, dancing a lot.  My music taste expanded to jazz, funk, disco and I had a successful Dj Career, with my club Carwash UFO in Manchester and then traveling round the world, with a residency at Manumission in Ibiza ( which is essentially a Manchester club in the sunshine ).  My dress sense expanded to suits, big quirky hats, shoes not trainers, I'm not sure if I have one defining style now, Eddy Pillar recently called me a MOD which I take as a complement as i am a big fan of his record label Acid Jazz records. Along this style journey "i found art, art found me", designing night club flyers, posters, painting posters, printing T-shirts, making clothes, building stage sets. This in turn lead me to study at Goldsmith University London where I graduated in Fine Art in 2003. Making art is my love / challenge / direction 
While at Goldsmiths I discovered a Pop art aesthetic, the ideas that guide my work creating sculptures ,painting ,printing, films , collaborating with performers, Pop art says
 that everything is art; there are no boundaries to creativity. The question becomes not 'is it art' but 'is it Good of Naff or both' ... maybe it's all fashion. 

” Out of all the stuff i made the printing stood out , i love the individual yet industrial process "

 Fortunately my art and sense of style payed off, I worked with Pictures On Walls (Banksy), and was part of the Santa’s Ghetto show in 2006. This was the start of seeing my art work all over the world, first with the Affordable Art Fair and then independent galleries that share my love of satire and fun.
I belong to a generation of artists that see no strict limit to what is a gallery/art space : Big Walls, street art, shop shutters, hi-fi shops, furniture stores, homes, hotels, offices, night clubs , student unions, concert halls. mischief / art 

I am drawn to the Absurd or Surreal, a giant octopus attaching Westminster or Godzilla as a symbol of savage nature.

Making art is my passion. I come alive thinking about or making art, its difficult to explain so I made up a myth which paints the picture of the process.

“As a boy I must have been bitten by radio active spiders from space equipped with a venom that enhanced the playful, creative artistic side of my brain and atrophied the logical conformist side..”


 "There is no difference between high art or advertising, Galleries, books, magazines, street art' music, film, fashion, all enrich our soul and make us think...''

I am very very dyslexic which over the years this has gifted me with a unique view of the world, working things out by observation rather than reading the instructions .  



   If I had to chose a word to describe my style it will be Beautalist
My friends and I made up the word on a trip to Brighton in 2018 maybe it will be an art movement only time will tell.
I also like the words "Disco Beatnic" and 'mischief maker'