"Gaia Octopus at Westminster" 100 x 75 cm

"Gaia Octopus at Westminster" 100 x 75 cm

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A limited edition hand-pulled silkscreen print.

Printed on Fabriano Rosaspina Paper, a premium quality paper made from 60% cotton, this work of art is a stunning testament to the power of human creativity.

Measuring an impressive 100cm by 70cm (39 inches by 27.5 inches),

this limited edition print is one of only 180 prints made,

each one numbered and signed for authenticity.

The size and quality of the paper provide the perfect canvas for this thought-provoking work of art.

You can read this print any way you like, but its underlying theme is clear: Are we a danger to the earth, or is the earth a danger to us? This contemplative question is embodied in the captivating figure of Gaia Octopus at Westminster, is it a still from a film that was never made, or a sequel to classic British science fiction film, The Quatermass Experiment, which was filmed around this bridge in 1953. Or is the image a comment on the tentacles of power that are attached to parliament, you decide. 

Each print is a unique work of art, hand-pulled using the silkscreen printing process, with painted details that give each one its own individual eccentricities. This process ensures that each print is a true original, with a character and personality all its own.

This limited edition print captures the imagination. It is a work of art that will enrich any collection and provide endless hours of contemplation.

All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days.