'Love Aladdin Sane' Bowie white on black hand made paper

Trafford Parsons Artist

'Love Aladdin Sane' Bowie white on black hand made paper

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Limited edition.100
Fan art style.

57cm X 57cm 

Introducing "Love Aladin Sane" White on black - A Limited Edition Art Print

Description: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of David Bowie's iconic Aladin Sane album cover with this limited edition art print, "Love Aladin Sane." Crafted with utmost care and adorned with artistic flair, this print is a true collector's gem. Only 100 prints will ever be made, ensuring its exclusivity and desirability among avid Bowie fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Artistic Medium: Each print is meticulously handcrafted using the silk screen printing technique, adding a touch of traditional craftsmanship to this contemporary masterpiece. Printed on rare, hand-made black Fabriano paper, this art print exudes a sense of uniqueness. The combination of the exquisite fabric and the shimmering allure of the silk screen print creates an extraordinary visual experience.

Aesthetic Details: The essence of "Love Aladin Sane" lies in its artful rendition of the iconic Aladin Sane album cover. David Bowie's enigmatic persona is printed with love. The interplay of  the reversed light and shadow, creates a dynamic and captivating visual effect that truly brings the artwork to life.

Exclusivity and Authenticity: Each limited edition print is individually numbered and signed by the artist, further enhancing its collectible value. As a hand-pulled silk screen print, each copy possesses its own unique eccentricities, making it an exceptional piece of art. This intrinsic characteristic of the printing process ensures that every print carries its own distinct charm, setting it apart from mass-produced artworks.

Shipping and Delivery: To ensure the safety and integrity of your precious artwork, all prints are carefully packaged and sent out using a "Signed For" delivery service. Your artwork will be dispatched within 7 working days, allowing you to eagerly anticipate its arrival while knowing that it is in the hands of trusted professionals who understand its importance.

"Love Aladin Sane" is not merely an art print; it is a celebration of David Bowie's legacy and artistic brilliance. Embrace the magic of his persona, captured in glittering detail, and adorn your space with a piece of art that will inspire and captivate for generations to come