Cymande The Message

Trafford Parsons

Cymande The Message

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 Limited edition 20. 

60 x 60 cm - 24 x 24 inches  

Own a piece of music history with this exclusive, limited edition archival Giclee print of Cymande's legendary 7-inch record, "The Message." This stunning print not only captures the essence of one of the greatest funk tracks ever recorded but also mimics the look of an actual vinyl record, making it a standout piece in any collection.

At first glance, the print mimics the appearance of a vinyl record, but on a larger scale. The circular shape, grooves, and label placement give it a striking resemblance to an actual 7-inch vinyl record, but the dimensions are significantly larger, making it a bold statement piece.

The design employs halftone techniques to create a textured, vintage look reminiscent of traditional screen printing. This involves varying the sizes and spacing of dots to achieve gradients and shading. The print has a glossy finish to enhance the rich colors and sharpness of the halftone dots.


one of the best funk tracks ever recorded.


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