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“Rebel Rebel” Leia – limited edition


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“Rebel Rebel” Leia – edition of 100 

leader of the Rebel alliance this image of Leia with an Aladdin Sane lighting bolt summed it up for me  ..

and we love Aladdin Sane [David Bowie ] and Leia (Carrie Fisher)

I first up loaded this print to my website on 8th of January 2015 when these two heroes,

when Bowie and Carrie Fisher where still with us.

Rebel Rebel – 70 x 50 cm

 the prints are all hand pulled silk screen prints with spray painted details

so each one has its own individual eccentricities that are intrinsic to this process .

LIMITED EDITION of 100 prints, numbered and signed by Trafford Parsons

Hand printed silk screen print on cartridge paper.


All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days