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Blofeld’s Cat, pink , Size: 80 x 80 cm.



Blofeld’s Cat is part of the Monsters and Mascots series of prints. This print is inspired by my love of B-movie culture, natural history and James Bond.

Mascots & Monsters is classic pop art stuff, iconic images from films with a twist. The first was Blofeld’s Cat, Blofeld being the anti-hero from the bond films.

The cat symbolizes the lovable, power mad super-villain.

I love Bond films and had been trying to do a Bond inspired print for a long time before I hit on this idea of the mascots of the characters decoding the things I loved about the film

This is a stunning hand printed silkscreen signed limited edition of only 45 prints. Because the silkscreen printing is done by hand no two images look the same.


Hand printed silk screen on paper,

numbered & signed by Trafford Parsons

Size: 80 x 80cm

All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days.


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