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“Art has left the Building” . . ELVIS . . . 70 x 50 cm.



AS it is now 40 yeas since Elvis died  16th august 1977

– sale for £40 till next wednesday 23rd august 2017- 

Classic pop art icon ELVIS relaxing beneath the banner “Art has left the building”, is a play on the end of an Elvis performance when the public address would proclaim Elvis has left the building to stop a riot as people tried to rush the backstage area…

This image is saying “Art is the new rock n roll and has left the building”. Pop art has left the alter of the high art gallery building and is in the street connecting with everyone on earth, just like Elvis.
Rock n roll and pop art are two sides of the same coin, both disposable and eternal.

This image also makes a passing reference to the rise of street art and advertising as art, being set out as a banner text and image.

The text is an epitaph as Elvis’s art has left us, but it can be taken or used as we see fit, I often say “Art has left the building” when I’m total happy with a piece of work and the job is finished.

LIMITED EDITION of 100 prints, numbered and signed by Trafford Parsons
Hand printed silk screen print on cartridge paper.

Size: 70 x 50 cm.

All prints are sent out “Signed For”, within 7 working days.