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A story writer in pictures his work is often Absurd or Surreal, a giant octopus attaching Westminster or the day giant butterflies took over the planet. The Idea of earth as Gaia, one organism in which humans are in danger or the danger.

“As a boy I must have been bitten by radio active spiders from space equipped with a venom that enhanced the playful, creative artistic side of my brain and atrophied the logical conformist side..”


this was a write up from a show i did With BLK Box in leeds

Trafford Parsons. What we know .

Where Trafford is from and how he got here is shrouded in myth and darkness – we know he was discovered in Manchester in the 1990’s, he ran some night clubs , Dj’d , danced, was in bands , he went out a lot , a child of the night .

Is he the result of weird Intergalactic funk experiments , organic elements taken from deep space enhanced to live on earth, your guess is as good as ours.. the only fact for sure is we know he isn’t human .


Trafford Graduated Fine Art Goldsmiths University London 2003

While at goldsmiths he discovered the Pop art aesthetic and ideas that guide his work making films , sculptures ,painting , collaborating with performers and musicians and printing .

” out of all the stuff i made the printing stood out , i love the individual yet industrial process – the way so many of the things we rely on are printed , money, tickets, t-shirts, books , art we live in a printed world .”

After graduating he immediately started selling his limited edition prints and originals through the Affordable Art Fair and its sister gallery Wills Art , also Art republic in Brighton supported and sold a lot of his early work promoting his first solo show at the ink’d gallery Brighton.

He worked with Pictures On Walls (Banksy), and was part of the legendry Santa’s Ghetto show in 2006.

This was the start of seeing Trafford’s work all over the world, first with the Affordable Art Fair and then independent galleries that share his love of satire and fun.

Trafford is part of the generation of artists that see no strict limit to what is a gallery/art space. Maybe the oddest place he shows art is at yearly Radiologist conferences in Europe and the US which he’s done for 15 years. The most fun show is the Urban in Ibiza festival, he enjoys finding new places for art work  : Big Walls, shop shutters, hi-fi shops, furniture stores, hotels, offices, night clubs , student unions, concert halls.

On top of this Trafford has an ever growing body of work – with street art and murals in restaurants.


The Work is all driven by ideas or stories,

“behind great art is great ideas”

Trafford Makes pictures that allude to films that have never been made or that he wants to make, playing with the elements of a story yet to be written. We enter his world of wonder and mischief. The wok asks “what if”, we the viewer get to join into this idea.

‘I recently painted Clint Eastwood on the outside of a tattoo studio in the wild west of manchester – Swinton . The idea was fun – once i get an idea the work makes itself “

In the natural world Beauty Has a function to attract or repel , to warn of danger or seduce . He recently (2019) joined a group of like minded artists The Beautalists  a group of London based artists who are exploring the concept of brutal beauty. he promises more art and more mischief .